Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Things We Do for Pugs

Hey, there. Thought I'd get up a little early today - before noon, anyway - and tell ya a bit about mom's transport adventure yesterday. Seems there were seven pugs down in Evanston, Indiana (nearly to Kentucky!) who needed a ride up to Terre Haute. Mom couldn't get any takers for the whole route so she decided to do it herself.

You shoulda seen the ol' girl this week.....runnin' around like her head was on fire and her ass was catchin'. Between makin' phone calls and tryin' to figure out who she could snag crates from, she was makin' dad and me nuts I tell ya what. I offered up mine, but she said it wouldn't fit in her car. (That's what she gets for drivin' a damn Subaru, hippy, tree-hugger car.)

Anyhoo, Molly's worked and her pal Annie lent her some crates so she was all set. Mom says it was a nice drive and she found the place with no problem. Now before ya'll start screamin' "where are the seven pugs???", mom's camera battery died. But she did get a few pics before it croaked.

This here is the St. Meinrad Monastery. St. Meinrad is a little bitty town, I tell ya what. Now I don't know what a monastery is, but mom says it's a place where ya have to act respectful and keep your trap shut. No way I'd last there, I tell ya what.

When she got to the pug lady's house she was greated by George. His mom kept him 'cause "he's a good watch dog".

Pretty nice piece 'o land. Now I'm not one for swimmin' but wouldn't mind hangin' out by this front-yard pond.

This ol' gal, Geneva, gave KPR a jingle 'cause she's been sick with cancer and can't care for all those dogs. She's what mom calls a "backyard breeder". But at least her dogs had good shelter, and it doesn't look like they've missed any meals! Yep, mom says they'll make good pals once they learn "household manners"....whatever that is.

Yep. Mmmhmm.


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

I WISH YOU TOLD ME! I was bored out of my mind all yesterday, start to finish. Why am I not on the transport e-mails anymore????? Please make me on itttttttt now thankssssss! I have a crate (big one that fits Sophie and Dixie) and could have gone :(

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Holy Milkbones! You did that by your lonesome??

The Devil Dog said...

Ohh, wow, what a long drive all by yourself. What a good do-be your mom is. So, when are we going to see the photos of them?


Hank said...

P and B, mom woulda loved to have you ride with her, but between her and the pugs there was no room in the inn!

CC: yep.....mmhmm.

Roxy, mom dropped the Pugs off at a vet in Terre Haute and ain't seen hide nor hair of 'em since.