Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Dang!!!

Hey, y'all:

Well....I'm not gonna say me an' mom have been too busy tuh blog. We've just been lazy. Yep.

Anyhoo, we're so excited fer this weekend we could just BUST! Our pals, Sal and Pugsley are gonna have one o' them "civil ceremonies". Civil, huh? Guess that means I can't eat with my elbows on the table at this "ceremony".

Hail, all I know is we're gonna have a big party with all sorts o' blog buddies! We can't wait tuh meet y'all in pugson! Yep, me an' O'Mally got our gladrags set out, an' we can't wait tuh show ya how tuh party like a Hoosier!!!

'Cause let's be honest.....if me an' O'Mally can't show ya a good time, ya better check yer pulse.

Yep. Mmmhmm.