Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catchin' Up

Hey, Y'all:

I wanna apologize fer my absence in the past month. There's been a HAIL of a lotta stuff goin' on but first an' foremost, I am sendin' my love up tuh my gal, Payton, who went tuh the Bridge. She was the pertiest, strongest gal I ever laid eyes on. Just wish I woulda had the chance tuh make 'er my own.

'Til we meet again, honey.

Now the last time I got on my blog machine, that Pebbles gal was about tuh meet some folks that might wanna adopt 'er. Well, fer whutever reason, they thought she was the bee's knees an' they took 'er home that very day! Here she is with 'er new folks an' brother, Tuck.

So not long after Pebbles hit the road, my mom up an' went tuh ENGLAND. (Can you buhlieve she din't take me with 'er??) Anyhoo, I spent the week with Ms. Liz an' JoeJack an' Ivan. It was all fine an' dandy 'til Ivan (the hot head German Shorthaired Pointer) got all hot in the butt 'cause I got a hold of his soup bone. Lousy way tuh treat a guest if ya ass ME. It went a little something like this:


Well, he got me in the eyeball. Yep. (Thank GAWD it was my BAD eye!) So Ms. Liz had tuh run me tuh the hospital an' they done surgery on it. An' if THAT wasn't bad enough my mom was acrosst the pond, drinkin' 'er tea, an' wanderin' the streets o' London - not with ME like she shoulda been.

Dad an' Ms. Liz duhcided not tuh tell 'er til she got home. I, fer one, wanted tuh guilt 'er intuh comin' home but Dad said some BS 'bout not wantin' tuh ruin 'er trip. PFFFFFT! Oh, well, I finally fergave the old gal an' I healed up real good. All's well that ends well I tell ya what.

Just as I'm gittin' back in my routine, Mom hauls another foster kid intuh the house!! This one's name is Rocky. It oughtta be STOCKY....kid could stand tuh lose a pound er' two.

Now this kid's not toooo bad but he's a lot bigger an' younger than me. I've had tuh chew 'im out a couple o' times fer gettin' too rough (an' threaten 'im with some o' the hand-tuh-hand combat I learned in 'Nam).

I think I'm gittin' 'im perty well under control. At least he's figgerin' out who gits the best seat in the house!

Yep. Mmhmm.