Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Lost a Bet

Hey, y'all (sigh):

Me an' JoeJack had a bet on the World Series. He had St. Louis. I had Texas (in support o' my pal, Howard Pee Pugpants).

Well, unless ya been livin' in a cave, I don't haftuh tell ya how THAT turned out. The wager was a case o' PBR, an' the loser had tuh put on a dress an' prance around the front yard.

Alright. Let's git this over with. (Cringe!!!)

GAWD, this is embarrassin'!!!

Yep, here I am by the roseboosh - lookin' like a big frootcake.

Okay, I done my thing. Now git me back in the house, mom, bufore that frisky Doberman down the street gits ahold o' me!!!!

Yep. Mmhmm.