Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi, everybody!

Molly O'Mally here!

Seems I am on the mend after the nasty staph infection I had! My ears are looking/smelling/feeling much better, the diarrhea is gone, and my creaky old hips are cooperating more - at least for now! I saw that nice young Dr. Mills Friday morning and he put some antibiotic in my ears and gave mommy some Prednisone to give me for the next few weeks. Yea! I just LOVE taking medicine (you know how old folks are!)!!!

My parents took some videos of me this past week, and I think you'll see a bit of a difference! The first one is from last Wednesday. Even though I was sick, I still like to get out and peruse the neighborhood!

Fast forward to last night, and I'm up and at 'em! (Well, for ME.)

Yes, I am older than Methusula, and no, this isn't a long-term fix. However, I'll take all the good days I can get!

By golly, I think a trip to MCL is in the very near future!

Lick ya later!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Molly O'Mally and I'm Proud to Say.....

YAWN......urp......(oh, excuse me).......well, shoot. I forgot what I was going to say.

Anyway, hi everybody. Forgive me, but I'm a little out of it this evening. I haven't been feeling well. My hips aren't what they used to be and I've had this nasty staph infection that isn't responding to antibiotics. FOOEY!!! Whoever said old age isn't for sissies was RIGHT!

Awww, mom.....enough with the camera. Cantcha see O'Mally don't feel good?

You rest yer weary bones, O'Mal. Maybe if we pertend we're asleep, she'll leave ya alone!

Yep. (Snore, fap, ZZZZZZZZ) Mmhmm.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This 'n That

Hey, y'all:

Hope yer winter is goin' good and comin' to a end SOON! Here's whut we been doin' whilst cooped up around the house.

Last month, our Aunt Laura an' Sal came over tuh "help" mom put up a backsplash in the kitchen. (Help is in quotes 'cause Aunt Laura did all the work!) Now, bein' the thoughtful gal that she is, she brought us a McCheesy Booger buhfore she rolled up 'er sleeves an' got tuh work.

I tell ya what.....if it weren't fer this ol' gal, we'd never eat! OR have a backsplash!

OMGawd, this is one good booger!

Wait uh she frostin' a cake?!?!? Holy gawd, cheeseboogers AND cake?!?!?

That's grout? Oh. Yea, nevermind. I knew that.

Anyhoo......up goes the tile.

Here's the finished product! (Not bad work.....fer a girl.) Thanks, Aunt Laura!

Now as fer ME.....I been doin' a little wheelin' an' dealin' on the Ebay. Check out whut I scored......

Yep. I figger if I gotta brush I might as well have a cool toothbrush.

Nifty sticker, huh? I haven't duhcided where tuh put it. I'm thinkin' it should go on that sissy mobile mom bought us. It could use some "mannin' up".

Yep. Mmhmm.