Friday, October 28, 2011

I vuntuh suck yer blood!

Hey, y'all:

Count Hankula here! Now I don't like wearin' costumes (they're fer girls an' sissies) but since it's Halloweenie time I figgered I'd oblige y'all with a pitcher.

Anyhoo.....lots o' stuff has been goin' on around here since I last blogged. My folks went tuh Florida at the beginnin' o' this month. Now normally, I'd be perty honked off BUTT I got tuh stay with Ms. Liz an' JoeJack fer a few days! Ms. Liz let me stay in the house the whole time an' gave me cheese AN' let me sleep in 'er bedroom! It woulda been a whole lot better if that dang Ivan (JoeJack's punk little brother) woulda let me sleep on the bed, but Ms. Liz fixed me a pile o' blankets on the floor so it was all good.

My mom's all hot in the pants 'cause she bought a new swimmin' pool an' dad's been buildin' a deck. Now I'm not too happy 'bout this 'cause that means she's gonna make me SWIM next summer (her an' 'er dang "hydrotherapy"), but I agreed tuh help dad with the job.

Did a little shoppin' with Sal at the Petco last weekened.....

(Now shoppin' is a lot like wearin' a's fer girls an' sissies. BUTT shoppin' fer snacks is a WHOLE differ'nt story.)

Okay, so I've saved the best news fer last. This'll REALLY knock yer socks off.


Yep, I managed tuh snag the pertiest, sweetest gal this side o' St. Louie - PUGNACIOUS P!!!

Here's a pitcher o' us on our first official date (you can almost SEE my heart poundin'!). We wuz at Ellie's first birthday party.

I wanted tuh make a good impression on Payton's mom an' dad (an' Gampy!) so here I am serenadin' 'er mom (an' hopin' fer a little snack!).

It's been a LONG time since I've had a galfriend I tell ya what. Maybe I should schedule my tooth cleanin' appointment sooner than later!

Yep. Mmhmm.