Thursday, April 30, 2009

So....are ya Chinese or Japanese?

Evenin', everybody! Now I'm sure you Pug lovers already know we Pugs go waaaay back (400 to 600 BC, dependin' on who yer talkin' to). Yep, we hail from the Orient...although the Netherlands, United Kingdom and good ol' US of A had a hand in our breedin'.

Now nobody knows exactly where in the Far East we hatched, but most agree it was China. All I know fer sure is.......

I like chicken fried rice, I tell ya what!

Yep. Mmhmm.

Friday, April 24, 2009

On the Road Again

Hey there, neighbor. Mom transported a pug fella, "Wimbley" down to Columbus, IN this afternoon. Nice day for a drive, I tell ya what. Here's a pic o' him and his new family:

Now HERE's a shameless plug for KPR (and Subaru):

I don't know 'bout you, but I think Pugs are way perttier than that gal in the shampoo commercial from way back:

Now bein' a Beatles fan, mom 'bout dropped her ovaries when she found this online:

I don't know what a Beatle is. Although I'm pretty sure I've ate one or two in my time.

Anyhoo....that's it for now. It's gonna be a hot one here in Indy this weekend so I better head to the liquor store and stock up on my PBR!

Yep. Mmhmm.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

.....long legs and burgundy lips. Girls, girls, girls......

Oh! Uh, huh, huh.....hey there! Ya caught me jammin' to a little Motley Crew. Ahem. Now I am a gentleman so I guarantee there'll be nothin' 'bout dancin' down on the Sunset Strip in this post! cousin, Robin, came down from that there Ball State University to visit the folks Friday night. (Said she wanted to meet Molly but I'm pretty sure she just wanted to see me.)

Anyways, here's a nice pic of mom's favorite girls (minus my other cousin, Lily):

Okay, Robin, I know it's "ladies first" but the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! Haven't they taught you ANYTHING at that fancy college???

I tried to make this a shot of just me and Robin but Molly managed to squeeze in. Look at her peekin' out from underneath my what not!

On Sunday, mom had some kinda girly gig for KPR ......a womens expo at the state fairgrounds. Get this....she asked ME if I wanted to go. I said "well, why don't ya just put me in a skirt and call me Nancy?!". Mom took that as a "no", so she packed up Molly and they made a day of it. Mom says Molly was a real hit with the ladies.

Here's Molly hobnobbin' with KPR's president, Amy and her dog, Chip. Watch it there, Chip Dip.....that's my sister you're kissin'!

Yep. Mmhmm.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Give 'em Hell, Hank

Hey, there. Awful nice day here in Indianapolis, I tell ya what. Me and mom spent it protestin' one o' them pet stores that sells puppies. Now I guess you could say I was sorta born with a silver spoon in my mouth (the person who bred my parents was an upstandin' breeder) so I don't have first-hand experience with puppy mills and "greeders". But boy howdy, some o' these stories I've heard are just terrible! After I heard about a ten-year-old, paralyzed from the waist down dog who was still being bred, I thought "well, that just tears it!". So I told mom to round up my harness (and a few treats) 'cause I want to make my voice heard!

This is all the USDA requires greeders to provide their cash crop - oops, I mean dogs. (Don't worry, it's a stuffed animal.) Wouldn't you love to live in one o' these? Especially when some jackass puts another crate on top and the dog pees on ya 24/7?

I asked mom if the USDA stood for United States Dumb Asses. She said "close enough".

Alright, I'm signin' off now. All this rabble rousin' has wore me out. But before I go I wanna hear a great big "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO!" (to stores that sell puppies) from y'all!

Yep. Mmhmm.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pugs Just Wanna Have Fun

Now y'all have probably figured out that eatin', drinkin' beer and shootin' the breeze are some of my hobbies. Well, okay, they're my only hobbies. Anyway, I got my share o' all that yesterday! The Pug Posse's folks threw a party, and I'm here to tell you there were nineteen of us Pugs!

Now me and Molly aren't ones to run with the pack, but the others sure did work up an appetite raisin' hell with the German Shepherd next door.

I'm pretty sure the GS is tellin' the Pugs to kiss his butt in this one.

Here's me and Miss Heather. I was probably charmin' her with one o' my long-winded stories.

A man and his's a beautiful thing. I'll take my burger well done, Denny!

Miss Kelly's birthday was a couple o' days before so we surprised her with gifts and cake. Miss Laura did a heckavu job on that thing, I tell ya what.

Here's the folks and Molly.

Now these are my kinda gals......drinkin' beer and hangin' with Pugs.

Speakin' o' gals, here are the Indy Blogger moms (minus Miss Jamie and Apollo)....

And ya got your Pug dads...

Here's a great shot o' my good buddy, Salinger (another one ya won't find runnin' with the pack).

Now I ask you......does this scene look familiar? If not, ya need to go back and read my first two posts!

Yep. Mmhmm.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Things We Do for Pugs

Hey, there. Thought I'd get up a little early today - before noon, anyway - and tell ya a bit about mom's transport adventure yesterday. Seems there were seven pugs down in Evanston, Indiana (nearly to Kentucky!) who needed a ride up to Terre Haute. Mom couldn't get any takers for the whole route so she decided to do it herself.

You shoulda seen the ol' girl this week.....runnin' around like her head was on fire and her ass was catchin'. Between makin' phone calls and tryin' to figure out who she could snag crates from, she was makin' dad and me nuts I tell ya what. I offered up mine, but she said it wouldn't fit in her car. (That's what she gets for drivin' a damn Subaru, hippy, tree-hugger car.)

Anyhoo, Molly's worked and her pal Annie lent her some crates so she was all set. Mom says it was a nice drive and she found the place with no problem. Now before ya'll start screamin' "where are the seven pugs???", mom's camera battery died. But she did get a few pics before it croaked.

This here is the St. Meinrad Monastery. St. Meinrad is a little bitty town, I tell ya what. Now I don't know what a monastery is, but mom says it's a place where ya have to act respectful and keep your trap shut. No way I'd last there, I tell ya what.

When she got to the pug lady's house she was greated by George. His mom kept him 'cause "he's a good watch dog".

Pretty nice piece 'o land. Now I'm not one for swimmin' but wouldn't mind hangin' out by this front-yard pond.

This ol' gal, Geneva, gave KPR a jingle 'cause she's been sick with cancer and can't care for all those dogs. She's what mom calls a "backyard breeder". But at least her dogs had good shelter, and it doesn't look like they've missed any meals! Yep, mom says they'll make good pals once they learn "household manners"....whatever that is.

Yep. Mmmhmm.