Friday, June 26, 2009

Workin' fer the Weekend

Howdy, neighbor:

As y'all probably know, today was the tenth annual "Take Your Dog to Work Day". Now I'm not a big fan o' working, but mom made a big ol' deal outta it so I said what the heck.

Mom works at a dental office up the road a piece. I don't know how to spell her job title, but here's how ya say high-gin-uhst.

This here is Dr. George Carrico, mom's boss. Let me tell ya one o' the ol' boy's favorite jokes.......when is the best time for a dental appointment? 2:30. Get it? Tooth hurty???? HA!

Come on, mom, get that door open. We're burnin' daylight!

Now before y'all start questionin' my credentials, I give you my license - issued by the good ol' Indiana State Board o' Dental Examiners.

Time to get suited up fer my first patient. This lab coat's a little big, but I guess it'll do.

Can't ferget my high-powered spectacles.....

These here teeth are like stars.......they come out at night.

Marcia, honey (that's doctor's assistant).....gimme them choppers. I'll test 'em out to see if they're a good fit!

*****Note from Mom: this denture does NOT belong to a patient! It is merely used for educational (or blogging) purposes!*****

Since my computer skills are pretty good, Miss Kelly asked fer my help at the front desk.

They say an aquarium is relaxin' fer patients, but I say every dental office needs a PUG!

Before I knew it the day was over and they had me takin' out the trash (dental high-gin-uhsts ARE just glorified cleanin' ladies, ya know).

PAYDAY!'s check is never this big. Guess that makes me the MVP on THIS team!

Here's me and my favorite gals at the bank.....Miss Amber, Miss June and Miss Jennifer.

Ahhhhhh! I love the smell o' crisp new bills I tell ya what.

Well, I got paid and it's the weekend, so you know what that means........

Yep. Mmhmm.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yee Haw! I Got an Award!

Hey, neighbor:

I am proud as a peacock to receive my first blog award! Now I've racked up plenty o' awards in my day (bass fishin', bowlin', poker and beer pong tournaments), but this one I got just "because you're Hank". Aint that sweet? Thanks, Lilo, honey!

Ok, here's the deal:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Copy the image, rules and questionnaire.

3. Post in your blog.

4. Answer the four questions.

5. Pick 7 friends to share with.

6. Come back to BLoGGiSTaiNFoCoRNeR at and leave the URL of your post in order for your blog to be added to the master list.

7. Have fun.

Now some o' y'all have already received this award but I figure we all need all the props we can get, right?

1. The person who tagged you? Lilo, honey

2. His or her site title and URL?

3. Date you were tagged? June 18, 2009

4. Persons you tagged?

Khyra, honey 'cause she's so beautiful. (I'm just waitin' fer her other three boyfriends to get lost.)

The Courteous Chihuahua 'cause the title's funny. Come on....whoever heard of a courteous chihuahua?!?!

Howie, buddy 'cause he's a good ol' boy - just like me.

Tweedles, honey 'cause she's a sweet little gal who tells a good story.

Salinger, buddy 'cause he'

Pearl, honey 'cause her and her mom rescue pugs.

The Ayatollah Mugsy 'cause sweet Betty, he's the Ayatollah!

Yep. Mmmhmm.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

McCormick's Creek State Park

Hey there, y'all:

The folks took me and Molly on our first campin' trip last weekend. We packed up the car and headed down to McCormick's Creek State Park - 'bout an hour south o' Indy.

Hey! Where'd ya pack the cookies?!?!

Good thing mom reserved an electric site. Me and dad gotta have our fan!

Campin' and's in heaven.

Keepin' an eye out fer coons...

Mom told dad if she should croak before him he needs to have a pug 'cause we're chick magnets!

Nothin' like burgers on an open fire...

Molly says "MOMMMM! Don't bogart the s'mores!!!"

Fightin' over who gets to lay with mom...

Molly thinkin' she won...

Me plannin' a sneak attack while Molly left to take a whiz...

SUCCESS! (Can ya see Molly peekin' out from behind mom?)

Well, she managed to squeeze back in but it's all good!

We hit the trail the next mornin'.

I wore my camo harness to keep the critters at bay. Can ya spot me??

Thought I'd test this slide...ya make sure it's safe fer the kids.


Now I love to bark at horses on tv, but I gotta admit....them suckers are pretty intimidatin' in real life!

I was more comfortable at this distance!

Molly pooped out at the end. Yep...some people just ain't cut out fer life on the trail.

Yep. Mmhmm.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hey, y'all:

Mom and Molly went down to Kentucky this past Saturday for Pugapalooza 2009! They had a great time I tell ya what. I stayed home and helped dad with yardwork. Figured I'd let them have a "ladies day".

Speakin' o' yardwork, mom snapped some pitchers o' me and the girls hangin' out on Sunday.

Here we are payin' homage to good ol' St. Francis of Assisi. Molly kept her distance.....somethin' about not trustin' catholic guys in uniform.

Here she is muggin' fer the camera.

My big sis, Becca. The ol' gal (she'll be thirteen in November) has lost her eyesight and her sniffer doesn't work so good, but she's got spirit boy howdy!

On the lookout fer poison ivy. Mom says "leaves o' three, stay away from me!".

I say "leaves o' four, have some more!". (Uh, just kiddin'.)

Hell fire, I almost fergot to tell ya the best part o' the weekend! Mother Strain (my paternal grandma) had a garage sale on Friday, and look what mom scored!!!

Who knew that ol' bird would come in handy some day?! Cheers!

Yep. Mmhmm.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Now it has come to my attention that a certain someone not only snuck on to my blog, but she referred to my poker buddies as my "boyfriends"!!!

Now I ask any o' these fellas look like they could be a guy's boyfriend???





(Well, okay.....maybe Shorty.)