Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi, everybody!

Molly O'Mally here!

Seems I am on the mend after the nasty staph infection I had! My ears are looking/smelling/feeling much better, the diarrhea is gone, and my creaky old hips are cooperating more - at least for now! I saw that nice young Dr. Mills Friday morning and he put some antibiotic in my ears and gave mommy some Prednisone to give me for the next few weeks. Yea! I just LOVE taking medicine (you know how old folks are!)!!!

My parents took some videos of me this past week, and I think you'll see a bit of a difference! The first one is from last Wednesday. Even though I was sick, I still like to get out and peruse the neighborhood!

Fast forward to last night, and I'm up and at 'em! (Well, for ME.)

Yes, I am older than Methusula, and no, this isn't a long-term fix. However, I'll take all the good days I can get!

By golly, I think a trip to MCL is in the very near future!

Lick ya later!



Maddy and Owen said...

Glad to hear you are doing better :)
Maddy and Owen

Smushie Ranch said...

Miss Molly, we're so glad to hear you're on the mend girlfriend!

The Smushies

Punchbugpug said...

Hoot! Glad you've got the Irish back in your step! Yep, the older we get, we just have to be thankful for the things that still work! Hugs to you!

Too Cute Pugs said...

Yay! We're so glad you're feeling better. It sounds like you got your "bark" back - heehee

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Chicos!!
We are so glad you are feeling Better Molly!!
We are still sendinf lots of Hugs and Bechos
spongy & Licky

dw said...

Glad you're feeling better, Molly!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I love your attitude,, and I love you!
I have an old tree down the road called Methusula-- do you remember?
The tree leans, but it does not fall...
That tree lifts it arms in the wind... and sways the best it can,,,, good days.. bad days.
You are like my tree in the forest.
Keep feeling better

Two French Bulldogs said...

finally we could uncross our paws..BOL, you feel better..YippEEE
Benny & Lily

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hellos Molly its old lady Tuni heres. Good to see you have a little swagger in your step. I do too but its mainly because I don't have much balance hee hee! We walk the same well when we walk to go Golden Girls is coming on the tele!


Wilma said...

Well alright O'Mally! So glad you are feeling better. Some days are harder than others, that for sure. I would't know, but you can ask Brigitte.

Apollo said...


I'm so glad to hear that you're much better! Dr. Mills is such a good doc - he helped save Lazarus's life. Enjoy your MCL and Bingo!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi molly!
oh you look marvelous!
we are soooo happy you are feeling so much better!
you are such a strong girl!

aunty melissa and archie pants

Tweedles -- that's me said...

more hugggs to you

Unknown said...

Aunty Molly, this here is AnnieBee. When I grow up I want to be a beautiful moviestar just like you! My favorite scene in your third film was where you barked and said "look out world! I am Molly!" I heard through the grapevine that you are in line for puggy oscars and maybe a puggy's choice award.
Your most adoring fan,