Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess who's comin' tuh dinner?

ME!!! Oh, yeah......an' the folks an' O'Mally.

Uncle Kev an' Aunt Laura an' Sal had us up fer dinner last weekend! We had a real good time, an' that gal can COOK I tell ya what! I do believe she could take roadkill, toss it on the grill, an' no one would be the wiser!

(Uh......that WASN'T roadkill ya fed my folks, was it?)

Anyhoo, she rustled up some chicken liver muffins fer us pugs! Come on, woman! I'm starvin' tuh death an' my blood sugar's gittin' low!!!


Mmmmmm........chicken liver.


Mom made sure Sal knew them muffins weren't just fer company!


Speakin' o' Sal, him an' my dad did a little pre-dinner bondin'.


Now lemme tell ya 'bout the human eats.....New York strip steak with some kinda fancy finishin' butter, twice baked potatoes, grilled asparagus.........mmmmmm! Oh, yeah....an' some kinda fancy appetizer. I think it's called brew-shed-uh. (Huh. Wonder if it's some kinda brew she whipped up in the shed?) THEN there was her famous "Are ya freakin' kiddin' me" chocolate cake!


I din't git none but that thing looks better than ANY MoonPie! An' I KNOW MoonPie.

So after dinner we headed tuh the livin' room fer a little tv an' socializin'. Uncle Kev was nice enough tuh let me have the man chair!


Yeah, I know......it ain't PBR, but I din't want tuh be rude an' turn down his sissy beer.


Even Sal's pal, Nipsy, came out tuh say hi!


Here's Sal sayin' "Cripes, people! Look at the time!!! It's been fun and all but I need my beauty sleep!!!".


O'Mally had tuh give me the hint that we might o' overstayed our welcome!


The humans was still laughin' an' bumpin' their gums so Sal had tuh pull out the big guns.........

"Strain family! Get in your farkakte car and GO HOME or I'll drive you there myself!!!!"


"Sorry, Sally.....I tried! (You know I'm the only one in this family with ANY manners!"



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Them looks like some good eats and drinks!


dw said...

Oh my, looks like pups and peeps all got good eats! And that chocolate cake.... *thud* :D

Anonymous said...

A pug festival. Wow, you know, liver brownies are my favorite food in the entire universe. Don't care about the moon pie one bit. I was also not aware of how deeply polite you are.
Hey, tell your mom that my mom, my old lady, thanks her for a great chuckle (the comment she left on Dear Twinkie) oh, and for her sense of humor too, we wanna thank your mom for that as well ;)

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh my Goodness Hank!!
Yousa looked liked yous alls had 'da funs with your Auntie Laura and Uncle Kev and of course The Sal Man!!
We so wishes we lived closer!! 'Dat cake was just waiting for a big nose dive from the Josie!! I would of happily stuck my snout in 'dat cake to help yous alls outs to eats it!! I'm sures Izzy and Anakin feels 'da same ways!!
O'mally be whispering in yousa ears likes Izzy dos to me!! Too funnies!! Glads you alls had funs!!
Josie Izzy Anakin

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Have a good time!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys look like you were having a great time. Yuk, those poor humans ate all that junk when you had chicken liver, mmmmmm
Hope you had fun
Benny & Lily

Apollo said...

MMMM, that looks YUMMY! Aunt Laura always makes great human and Pug food. I'm so jealous that she cooked for you guys. I think my Mommy is salivating over that cake. I'm glad to see that you've expanded your horizons on beer. I'm still enjoying the heinysniffin that you gave me for my birthday.

Mia said...

looks like you had a great time at Sal's!!! His momma is one hell of a cook!!! I can't believe that O'Mally said she was the only one with manners though!! That was rude!!



Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh!
what a wonderful evening! laura is amazing isn't she? wow! i think she should have her own show on food tv!

thanks for sharing all the great photos and stories!


m & e

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

You can always make us laugh and smile!

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Hank!

Looks like you had a wonderful night!
That chocolate cake looks delicious.

Hope you are having a great week!


Kelly said...

Man, Hanklin! What a FUN night!

That Auntie Laura is quite the hostess! If you lived in Oklahoma, I'd have ya over for some home cookin' too. Except home cookin' in my house means mac 'n cheese or PB&J!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

what a slammin' good time that must have been! You look awesome even without yer teef ;)

Kitty+Coco said...

Aw heck! Yeah our mom won't let us curse unless we stub our paw. Then it is completely allowed. Anyhoo, we can appreciate your southern drawl/drool as we are southern girls also. Stop by our blog to see your name in print!
Totally not fair you got liver muffins from Sal's mom. Our mom needs to get her butt in action.
Sighs (Kitty), and Snorts (Coco)

Life With Dogs said...

ROFL! You are a beer connoisseur of the highest order Hank! Please tell me you have seen that pic of Nigel with his PBR can. Time to throw a party!

Pugelicious said...

You have to love family - chicken liver muffins mmmmmmm - there is a little Aussie puggie who would love to get her fangs into those.